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                                                            Mutra Bags 

This page contains various type of bags, from shopping bag to Ladies purse. These items are made of natural products. The main item is "Mutra Tree"(Sheetal pati) which is mostly found in the North Eastern parts in India, the maximum height of these trees are 10' to 12'. Much easier to produce and attains maturity in very short time . The skin of "Mutra Tree" is peeled-off. After undergoing some process, the said skin is ready to make such bags. Besides the said skins of "Mutra Tree", Jute, Cloth, Cane or Leather is also used for handles etc.). A team of skilled craftsmen produce our bag products. These products are very unique & fashionable. We have also lots of Jute bag products. To get our complete products offer/details please contact us.

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